Mig sveiseapparat Spartus EasyMig 210E

Rimelig og avansert alt i ett apparat! Sveiser gassfri rørtråd.

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SPARTUS® EasyMIG 210E is a modern, inverter welding semi-automatic device, based on IGBT transistors. It enables welding by means of a consumable electrode shielded by inert (MIG) or active (MAG) gases, welding with coated electrode (MMA) and TIG lift welding. In addition, the device thanks to the ability to change the polarity of welding, enables welding with flux cored welding wire without gas.

The maximum welding current for the MIG / MAG / TIG method is 200A. For the MMA welding method it is 160A. The unit is powered from single-phase network 230V.

The device is equipped with synergistic programs for MIG / MAG welding with steel wires in the range diameter 0,6 / 0,8 / 1,0 mm. In addition, the device has an ability to manually adjust set parameters.

Thanks to the use of modern technological solutions, the welder is equipped with a number of functions supporting the welding process:

2T / 4T - possibility to choose one of two operating modes (MIG/ MAG)

Ind - welding inductance control - (MIG / MAG)

Hot - Hot Start, an easier electrode ignition (MMA)

Force - Arc Force, an easier welding in forced positions (MMA)

VRD - reduced no-load voltage (MMA)

The high-grade two-roller wire feeder provides stable feeding of steel wire, stainless steel wire and aluminium wire. Stable output parameters guarantee proper weld quality.


MIG gun SPARTUS 150 package inkluded:

Electrode holder

Work clamp

Gas hose with bands

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